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Smart cat Luca's cute idea for the trade.[Cats room Miaou]-turn on English subtitle


Cats are playing with a halloween toy.
But,it takes time to get turn.
So, Abyssinian cat Luca put the mouse toy for the trade.

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Our videos feature everyday life of 8 cute cats.

みけ Mi-ke (三毛猫 calico, female ♀; May, 2014- )
くろ Kuro (黒猫 black, male ♂; October, 2014- )
しぴ Chipie (グレートラ light gray tabby, female ♀; April, 2015- )
みみ Mimi (グレートラ gray tabby, female ♀; April, 2015- )
まや Maya (茶白 red tabby and white, Male ♂; April,2016-)
るか Luca (アビシニアン レッド Abyssinian Red, male ♂ ;January 16, 2017-)
める Mer (アビシニアン ルディ Abyssinian Ruddy, male ♂ ;January 16, 2017-)
らな Lana (サビ猫 tortoiseshell cat, female ♀; July, 2017- )

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by Miaou