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Sleeping with my cats (Burmese and Russian Blue)

Lena & Matilda

First Day with Russian Blue Kitten 'Nova'. Cat Puts Herself to Sleep in Tiny Human Bed. Russian Blue Lena loves her dad more than treats. Gromek Russian Blue cat play fetch 2018. Russian blue cat, talking Thomas. sleeping baby protected by 2 big cats. Burmese cat goes crazy chasing a sock. Bengal Cat – Characteristics and Character. Alyona Russian Blues - training 'come' and 'sit'. Cat Tucks Herself In to Bed. Matilda letting me know she wants to play (Burmese cat fetching). Baby Kittens Face Staircase | Too Cute. Mina - The Russian Blue Cat. Introducing Rocky (Burmese cats are FAST !!!). Russian blue cat on catnip.

posted by axay6o