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Singapura Cat Breed || Singapura Cat Breed 101 Facts || Color || Size

Cute Animal

Singapura Cat Breed || Singapura Cat Breed 101 Facts || Color || Size #cutecats #usanewstoday Video

Singapura Cat Breed Facts and Personality Traits

The Singapura cat is a small breed with a big personality. This microsized kittythe smallest breed of domestic catsis known for its love of being in the middle of the action and thriving on attention. Read on for more Singapura cat information if you're considering adopting one of these playful pets.

Singapura Cat at a Glance

Closeup Singapura Cat Looking in Camera on purple background

Weight range:

Male: 68 lbs.

Female: 46 lbs.

Eye color:

Hazel, green, yellow


Longevity Range: 1115 years

Tendency to Shed: Low to medium


Length: Short

Characteristics: Smooth, silky

Colors: Sepiatoned

Pattern: Bands of light and dark ticking, ending with a dark tail; the muzzle, chin, chest and stomach are muslincolored

Less Allergenic: No

Overall Grooming Needs: Minor, a brushing or two each month will suffice

Club recognition:

Cat Association Recognition:

The Cat Fancier's Association, The International Cat Association, American Association of Cat Enthusiasts, American Cat Fanciers Association, Canadian Cat Association

Prevalence: Relatively rare


The Singapura cat might be little, but the breed is certainly not delicate! This cat has a highenergy personality that shines. She is a curious, highly intelligent, and frisky breed that thrives on the attention of her family. Singapura cats are muscular and love to climb and explore. They want to be in the middle of the action and will be right by your side, for instance, while you do choresready to play if you thrust a duster in their direction.

Singapuras are

One thing they don't like: loud noises. They can spook if they hear an unexpected loud noise so keep that in mind if you live in a noisy neighborhood, have kids prone to shrieking, or a dog that likes to bark.

Living With

Singapuras are generally of good health and have a life expectancy between eleven and fifteen years, though cats as old as eighteen have been recorded. Breeders are concerned, however, about the lack of genetic diversity in the breed. A study published in the journal Genomics, found the Singapura and Burmese cats have the least genetic diversity among the twentytwo breeds studied. Because of that concern, it is smart to adopt a Singapura cat from a reputable breeder who offers a written health guarantee. It's also important to note that it's possible to find Singapura cats occasionally at a shelter, so you should look there first.

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