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SING with SIGN LANGUAGE and win the GROUP GOLD PASS | Auditions 8 | Spain's Got Talent 2022

Spains Got Talent

The best talent, the most emotional performances and the biggest surprises come together in the eighth season of "Spain's Got Talent". The Telecinco and Fremantle talent show has new contestants willing to show that they are the best in the country in their respective disciplines, although achieving this will not be easy.

In the Auditions phase; the jury made up of the publicist and television presenter Risto Mejide, the singer Edurne, the actress Paula Echevarría and the humorist and actor Dani Martínez value each of the performances. Contestants who receive two or more "yes" have the option to participate in the Semifinals, the rest don't. Who will get it

Enjoy the best performances, the most unexpected ratings and incredible moments starring the jury and the contestants. Magicians with surprising tricks, comedians ready to make us laugh, dancers who arrive with spectacular choreographies prepared, acrobats who will give everything with risky performances or children with unimaginable talents.

You will meet all of them in «Spain's Got Talent». Ready to enjoy like never before?

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