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Simon Sinek: The Number One Reason Why You’re Not Succeeding | E145

The Diary Of A CEO

This episode is part of our USA series, over the coming weeks you will get to see some incredible conversations with guests the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Bringing more value, more incredible stories, and more worldbeating expertise.

Simon Sinek is an author and public speaker, and one of the most interesting thinkers on business in the world today. His books ‘Start With Why’, ‘Leaders Eat Last’ and ‘The Infinite Game’ have sold millions and millions of copies.

00:00 Intro
01:09 Drifting from your ‘why’
11:23 How do we create continuous goals?
22:40 How do you find purpose in life?
25:33 The importance of assessment from others & nursing personal relationships
31:29 Practical advice to create a culture of seeking feedback from others
44:32 Long term negative impact of lying in your business
54:39 How to make the young generation thrive and stay motivated
59:59 Workplace flexibility
01:12:06 Steven, what are the reasons you're doing DOAC
01:19:24 What are you working on next?
01:22:47 What is your dark side?
01:30:45 Our last guest’s question

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