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Siamese Cats - Personality and Types of Siamese Cats

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Siamese Cats Personality and Types of Siamese Cats
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Siamese Cats Personality.
The Siamese cat breed is known for its friendly, sociable, and affectionate nature.
These cats tend to be loving and trusting towards people, and they will often bond especially strongly with one person.
They are playful and intelligent, needing lots of interaction to keep them entertained.

Do Siamese cats purr?
Just like humans and other pets, cats also express their affection vocally. Siamese cats, in particular, are very vocal cats.
They purr, they trill, they chirp—and they all make these sweet sounds to communicate affection and trust.

Are Siamese cats aggressive?
Siamese can be aggressive and territorial. It's really a good thing that Siamese cats don't have access to nuclear weapons. ...
Pay lots of attention to your little dictator and he may lay off on the other cats. Maybe he'll even tolerate them.

Why do Siamese cats have blue eyes?
You may have noticed that Siamese have blue eyes.
That blue eye color is thanks to a special genetic allele they carry that causes a form of albinism. ...
But for cats with Siamese or Burmese alleles (gene pairs that cause temperaturesensitive albinism), there is no pigmentation — or color — in the stroma.

Do Siamese cats scratch furniture?
Yes, Siamese cats do scratch furniture and other objects. This is a way of getting exercise, stretching, and getting rid of old nails.
Scents are left behind also. Scratches also let other cats know that a fellow feline is nearby.

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