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Siamese Cat Breed | Siamese, One of the Iconic Oriental Cat Breeds to Have

rosie cute1001

There is one type or variety of cat known as Siamese which is among the Oriental breeds. The name itself actually refers to Thai language that means moon diamond. This type of cat breed is the firstly recognized breed out of many Oriental cat breeds. Aside of just being a popular breed of cat in Asia, this so called Siamese cat is also highly popular in Europe and also North America right in the period of 20th century.
Modern Characteristics of Siamese Cats
Today’s version of this cat breed could easily be characterized by its blue almond-shaped eyes, large ears, a triangular head shape, point coloration, and also elongated, muscular, and slender body. Those characteristics are pretty distinctive that some people even consider Siamese as an exotic type of cat. Back in the period of 1950s up to 1960s was the start of this type of cat being highly popular.
Thus from that period of time there are more and more breeders along with judges of cat contests preferred this Siamese type of cat. At that time there are even some different versions of this cat with wide-set ears, tubular body, slender legs, wedge-shaped head, and also thin tail. Back in present time, TICA even described the Siamese itself as a kind of social type of cat, playful, intelligent, and pretty much enjoying fetch game. This type of cats tends to look for interactions with human as well as seeking companionship from other cats.
If you want to have a highly distinctive type of cat, it is better that you consider this one instead of other types of cat available. Clearly you will get the benefits of having a nice looking cat that is friendly and playful. Unfortunately when it comes to the health matter, the Siamese is said to be having a higher rate of mortality in comparison to other types of cat. In between 10 years up to 12.5 years is the median lifespan of this cat type.
There are 62% that lived up to 10 years while 42% lived up to 12.5 years or even more according to a specific Swedish insurance data. They are also having a bit higher rate of morbidity. Neoplastic and also gastrointestinal are also a bit higher to happen to this type of cat. So, despite of its uniquely distinctive look and great characteristics, Siamese has a bit of problems in term of its health and lifespan. Lou the French bulldog meets yoshi the Siamese cat. Cats 101- Tonkinese. Siamese Cat vs Persian Cat - Understanding The Differences. Cute Siamese kitten. Things You Didn't Know About Ragdolls! - Simon's Cat | BREEDS. Siamese Cat Facts. World's Smallest Cats & Cat Breeds. Friendly chatty Siamese cat. Birman Cat Facts. Havana Brown Oriental Male kitten. Ideal Companion: Siamese. Champion Siamese Cat. Ideal Companion: British Shorthair. Siamese cat Billiy performs tricks. FUNNIEST SIAMESE CATS EVER.

by rosie cute1001