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Should Scottish Fold Cats Be Banned? It's Complicated!

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Should Scottish Fold cats be banned? How affected are Scottish Folds FOCD? Should you even get a Scottish Fold cat? Let's find out today!
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In this video, I discuss the highly controversial Scottish Fold breed. These are are incredibly cute and are famous for their bunnylike appearance. They gained popularity due to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. However, they are extremely prone to a health issue called Feline Osteochondrodysplasia. This is a hereditary disease that affects the cartilages of the ears. Sadly, it also affect all other cartilages in the body. Because the cartilages aren't strong enough, affected cats grow bone tissue near their joints. In time, this issue lead to excruciating pain and reduced mobility. This is the reason why this breed is so controversial. In this video, I analyze the risks of a Scottish Fold developing FOCD and I also explain what feline osteochondrodysplasia means. Hope it helps!


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