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Shake Paws Training: Help your cat be more cooperative with paw handling for nail trims

Cat School Clicker Training

Can paw tricks improve your cat's cooperation with nail trims? Yes, they can!!! In this video tutorial, we break down all the steps to teach your cat to offer each of their paws and build their confidence with you holding their paw for an extended period in preparation for trimming their nails. Not only will you teach your cat the cute paw trick – to shake paws, but you will also improve your cat's comfortability with paw handling. The ultimate goal is that nail trims are a pawsitive experience.

Have fun training!
Julie and Jones

0:34 Prerequisite
0:51 Step 1 Paws on target
1:15 Step 2 Fade out the lure
2:04 Step 3 Isolate the paw
3:40 Step 4 Make the target smaller
4:46 Step 5 Raise the target
5:20 Step 6 Paw shake, Intro to paw handling
6:18 Step 7 Fade out the target
6:52 Step 8 Nail trim intro
7:59 Step 9 Introduce other paw
9:15 Troubleshooting other paw
10:26 Get help

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Welcome to Cat School. I am Julie Posluns, an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB). My mission is to help people enrich their cat’s life with clicker training. My assistant in the videos is a black cat named Jones, who has a full scholarship to Cat School.

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