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SEPTEMBER GARDEN TOUR | Raised Bed Garden Main Flower Walk Hydrangea Room Driveway Garden Update

Northlawn Flower Farm

Welcome to the September Garden Tour! Today I'll take you on a walking tour of all my gardens. We'll start in the raised bed garden where I've been trying to create a new garden room. Then we'll travel over to the hydrangea room where all the smooth and panicle hydrangeas are putting on a lovely fall show. We'll walk down my cottage style main flower walk before taking a look at the driveway garden. The driveway garden is halfway through a renovation. Do you think another stone rug would be a good idea in this garden? The front formal garden is looking good and I'm trying to merge the front and back gardens. I hope to create a cohesive look between the formal garden design in the front yard and the loose cottage garden design in the back.

posted by manjci31