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Seniors hacking the lottery living their best lives and inventing plant-based fuels | Full Episodes

60 Minutes

From 2019, Jon Wertheim's report on Jerry and Marge Selbee, the couple who hacked the lottery. From 2014, Lesley Stahl's look at a landmark study of thousands of elderly retirees living in Southern California that is intended to reveal factors that contribute to long life. From 2020, Stahl's followup on the study. And from 2019, Stahl's interview with then81yearold Marshall Medoff, who developed an innovative method of turning plant life into fuel and other useful products.

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Jerry and Marge Go Large
13:58 90+ (Part 1)
26:45 90+ (Part 2)
39:44 90+ (Part 3)
53:00 An Unlikely Inventor

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