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See Thru Liquid Piston Rotary Engine - In Slow Motion

Warped Perception

I Run The Liquid Piston Rotary Engine in Slow Motion with all the Inventors and Engineers at LiquidPiston (A Worlds First) to see what is happening inside this new revolutionary Rotary Engine While it's running and how it's so much different than the Wankel Rotary Engine produced by Mazda for the RX7.
This engine reminds me of the Mazda Wankle rotary engine but the difference is it seems like they have solved all of the issues that the Mazda engine had.
I am very excited to see where this engine is going I would love to see this thing powering a car because the power to weight ratio is absolutely insane and the thermal efficiency is out of this world.
definitely check out my other channel for all of the interviews from the inventors and going over the previous versions of this engine.

*Cleared For Public Release


LiquidPiston Engine:

High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle:
Otto Cycle:
Atkinson Cycle:
Diesel Cycle:

00:00 Intro
00:41 Cutting Parts WaterJet
01:07 Arriving at LiquidPiston
01:26 LiquidPiston Inventors
01:56 How LiquidPiston Works
04:58 SeeThru LiquidPiston Assembled
06:11 1St Run on Propane
07:15 2nd Run On Propane Lights Off
08:29 Run On Acetelyne
09:40 Run on Gasoline
11:10 outro and FollowUp

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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !

Carbon 12

Produced By: Carbon 12

Directed By: Matt Mikka

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