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Searching Isopods In The Wild 2023

Asia nature exploring

As a new type of pet, Isopoda has become popular all over the world because of its simplicity and convenience in keeping and also the cute appearance that is typical of many species. Under the influence of the market, some Isopods explorers have also been spawned. They travel to various parts of the world to explore new species and introduce them into the hobby. In today’s video, I follow 2 experienced Isopods explorers and found 5 new species in a small city in southwest China. They are:
Troglodillo sp.“Concavus"
Troglodillo sp.“Sedum”
Troglodillo sp.“Lichen”
Armadillidae sp.“Purpurifolia”
Armadillidae sp. “kumquat”
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posted by almostnoble1x