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Scottish Wildcat kittens, cute orphan wild cats rescued by Wildcat Haven

Wildcat Haven

These two Scottish wildcat kittens were rescued by conservation group Wildcat Haven, after a sighting from a member of the public. You can sponsor them and their return to the wild at

Sadly the kittens are orphans; a search by a wildlife filmmaker using equipment like remote cameras could find no trace of their mother, but the two young kittens were rescued and taken to a purpose built release centre set up by conservation and tourism group Highland Titles.

They will grow up there safe in their own fenced acre of forest, complete with dens, a stream, and expert care from the Wildcat Haven team who will return them to the wild when they are old enough to live independently.

The cute kittens were filmed recently at the release centre whilst experiencing rabbit for the first time; a staple food for Scottish wildcats.

They've settled in wonderfully, and we'll be posting up lots more videos of their progress!

There are as few as 35 Scottish wildcats left in the world, they are threatened by hybridisation (cross-mating) with domestic cats, habitat loss, and human persecution. Even most of the official captive program is hybridised, neutered and only used for public awareness.

Wildcat Haven carry out conservation in the wild, opposing captivity. They neuter domestic cats and work with local communities and landowners to create vast wildcat havens free of threats with expanding habitat. Our primary site in the West Highlands covers around 1000 square miles, and we are campaigning to protect Clashindarroch Forest in the East Highlands from logging, see

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