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Scottish Fold Cats 10 Fascinating Facts You Need to Know Now

The Petosphere

The Scottish Fold cat is a breed of domestic cats that originated in Scotland. It gets its name from its most distinguishing feature – ears that are folded forward and down, giving it an owllike appearance.

Although this breed has been around since the 1960s, it's only recently become more popular, making it one of the most soughtafter cat breeds in the world. While all cats have their unique personalities and traits, there are a few characteristics that make the Scottish Fold stand out from other breeds. Its folded ears give it an easygoing gentle demeanor. It is also known for its quietness and loyalty, making it an ideal lap cat companion. Additionally, the breed is typically very intelligent, playful, and loves spending time with its family.

In this video, we're going to talk about the 10 most fascinating facts about Scottish Folds you need to know. Be sure to pay close attention to tip number 6, as this is the single most important thing to ensure health and wellbeing of this unique breed.


0:00 Intro.
0:59 Genetic mutation.
1:36 One common ansestor.
2:06 Amazing personality.
2:37 One of the most trainable cat breeds.
3:14 Lowmaintenance coat.
3:34 Never breed two Scottish Folds togeter.
4:17 High lifespan.
4:42 Adventurous nature.
5:19 They love to sit like humans.
5:48 Increasing popularity.

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