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Scottish fold and straight wash their heads and paws | Silver chinchilla | Funny u0026 cute kittens

Happy kittens – Alfa Assoluto

#HappyKittens #AlfaAssoluto #catswashheads #funnyCats #cuteKittens #silverChinchilla #catsWatchWater

My 5 monthts old kittens scottish fold and scottish straight know how to wash their heads :))) They like watching water and wash their paws. The baby boys are cute and funny.

Hello, my dear friends! I'm Hanna. I have 4 cats and kittens. They are silver chinchilla. I do love my cats. They are perfect for me: tender, affectionate, playful, loving , sociable. They are very beautiful. The cats are God's masterpieces, living works of art. I enjoy watching them. I want to show my cute furry friends to all of you, my dears.☀

posted by mojsijemgt