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Scared hissing kitten introduced to human by mother cat

Cat Videos

This mama cat gave birth to this kitten in a store room in our home backyard. As there was only one kitten, there was not much difference in the mama cat's tummy size even after giving birth, so we came to know about this kitten after few days of birth only. As this store room was very rarely opened the kitten didn't have any interaction with humans. When I came to know about the new kitten, I entered the store room and the mother cat came along with me. The kitten became little scared and started hissing very loudly at me. But the mother cat was making a friendly meowing sound. So the kitten could understand that I was not it's enemy and became friendly with me very easily and quickly. Tigers reaction to the kittens. Kittens first bath! Kitten cries when human stops petting it. 11 Ways To Show Your Cats Love That They Can Understand. Kittens scared by loud unusual bird sound. Cute angry kittens wakes up from sleep and hisses and again goes back to sleep. Mama Cat's Reaction to Newborn Puppy. Befriending angry kittens ! 2 kittens adopted and new kitten is afraid of me. Stray Mama Cat Brings Her Injured Kitten To This Woman For Help. Little Spitfires - Feral Kittens. Big Cat Hisses at Tiny Kitten.MP4. Introducing a kitten to an older cat. Pissed-off mother cat. Cute Pets Waking Up Their Owners ⏰ Best Alarm Clock Ever!

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