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Saving 💰On RV Tires - And Getting The Job Done Right


Even though our RV has eight tires, we follow a somewhat unusual tire rotation schedule, so we only replaced two of them this year. But even with only two new tires, we spent a LOT less on our new Michelins with the FMCA RV Tire Savings Program. For our XZA2 Energy 295/80R22.5 tires, we saved over $100… PER TIRE!

As we do most winters, we spent this past one snowbirding in the Desert Southwest. Since it was time for new tires while we were there, we followed the recommendation of close friends (fellow RVers of course), who raved about the service they get at Redlands Truck & RV.

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Complete details on the FMCA RV Tire Savings Program:

Next time you're in the Desert SW, visit Redlands Truck & RV:

Special thanks to drone pilot extraordinaire Tom Morton of for the slick highway and BLM aerials.

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