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Savannah Cat : The Most Expensive Pet in the world / Largest cat breed F1 Savannah

F1 Savannah Kittens

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What is a Savannah cat?

A savannah cat is a domestic cat breed that has a % of African serval wild blood. They are known to love water, swimming, running in the shower with you. Being extremely affectionate and bonded to their owners while still maintaining the independency of a cat. They still use the litter box and lower generation savannahs can eat high quality regular cat food. They are known for extreme intelligence, constant purring, their high energy , playing fetch, and being easily trainable for commands. These “savannah cat qualities” are more prevalent in the highest generation as they have the most African serval blood.  

The attraction to the Savannah cat breed comes from their dog like personality and beautiful aesthetic. They are highly intelligent and can be taught tricks just as a dog, and the word “no”. Savannah cats can be walked on a harness. All while still retaining the independence of a cat, as adults they are not as reliant on their owners, especially in pairs. First generation savannahs can grow up to 40 lbs and 4 feet tall on their hind legs. 

If raised right F1 Savannah cats love to follow their human around, and lay in bed with their owner. They are cuddle bugs and vocal. Often times they love to swim if introduced at a young age. They are extremely affectionate, and have huge paws that they can pull inward to give incredible hugs. They will follow you in the shower and in the tub. All our savannah cats and kittens are raised in home (in bed lol) with access to a outdoor enclosed area. They love to sunbathe and play fetch. They love to give “headbutts” , kisses and licks as a sign of their love. Savannah cats have a way of completely imprinting on their new human in the first few days. 

Whats the difference between F1 , F2 and lower generation savannah kittens?

The qualities defining the breed are all more true in higher generations .The higher generation the savannah the more wild in appearance, the clearer of a coat that more resembles that of a serval, the bigger ears, overall size weight and height. 

Why not just own a serval as a pet? 

While servals can be awesome pets if bred and raised correctly, they are unfortunately illegal in most states to keep as a pet.

How much do real f1 savannah kittens cost?

Depending on their assessment, real deal F1 savannah go from $15,000 to $20,000.

What is phase 2?

Phase 2 is something implemented by responsible breeders who care if their F1 will be pet quality or a complete nightmare for their new owners. It's the method in which responsible breeders domesticate their F1s fully.

What kind of diet for F1 Savannah cats eat?

F1s require a raw diet mostly containing raw chicken and some raw ground beef. They are not feed any raw meat with bones until 1 year of age. There are some specific canned foods available such as Zupreme to supplement their diet.

How do you raise them ? Do they do well with dogs? 

All our kittens are raised n our homes by our staff of over 20 caretakers and dogs. We do not cage our breeding animals their entire lives. We have regular swim days and walking trails with our bigger cats. Savannah cats can love dogs as if they were one of their own.

What does F1 Savannah Kittens stand for ?

We are against all unethical breeders. Breeders that use these cats as a cash grab. That put them in tiny cages and never allow them a fulfilling life. We are against the savannah cat cult culture as we describe it. The unfortunate truth about savannah cats is 90% of the websites are complete scams. Of the 10% of real breeders only 2% are decent humans. As nice as they may sound, we have seen how they treat every deal as a contract. They sell kittens that haven’t passed phase 2 and unfortunately due to the stress and unprepared owners these kittens never truly become pets. They leave the kittens in the cage with the mom and don’t properly raise them with enough love to live up to breed standards. 

Our end goal is to be the overtake a corrupted industry that benefits on the work of animals by installing only ethical breeders. Then putting the profit all back into a sanctuary for all cats alike. We appreciate all the love these kittens give us, and would like to put it all forward into a change for positive.

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