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Sasha and Max found a Kitten & Puppy and starts pet beauty contest

Smile Toys Review

Sasha and Max take care of kitten and doggy, dress them up and give them toys. Kids starts pet beauty challenge
Smile Toys Review on Facebook - Sasha and Santa play with Inflatable Water Slides & Toys in Summer. 16 KREATYWNYCH, RYSUNKOWYCH HACKÓW DLA DZIECI. Diana and girl toys. Max play with funny Playhouses toys - compilation from Smile Toy Review. Sasha dress up for Pony Party and plays with Girl toys. Diana and Roma pretend play hide and seek with Dad at farm sheep. Diana & Maggie both want the same dress. Vlad and Nikita Pretend Play Toy Cafe with Friends. Sasha plays with Mcstuffins Toys on the Farm and takes Care of Pets. Sasha plays as Cop Police and Max go to Jail Playhouse Toy. Sasha play with Food Trucks toys and Teach Dad how to cook. Sasha and girl toys. Sasha play with New Hello Kitty Bus and sing a Song. Diana and Roma play with Giant Surprise eggs. Sasha teaches Papa to eat Healthy Food and Plays a Toy Restaurant.

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