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Saba: the best fish ever! 魚焼きグリルでサバの塩焼き

Rachel and Jun

Serbian subtitles thanks to: Kodoku
Polish subtitles thanks to: piniakorin
German subtitles thanks to: Jen Lieb
Spanish (Latin America) subtitles thanks to: William Thomas
Dutch subtitles thanks to: Roan (きょうしんてき)
Czech subtitles thanks to: Kuba Juračka
Chinese (China) subtitles thanks to: steven xin
Spanish (Mexico) subtitles thanks to: Arleth Rabago
French subtitles thanks to: ladyraspb
Italian subtitles thanks to: Elisabeth G
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Saba, or mackerel in English, is my absolute favorite fish ever!! The one we eat is from Norway, which is generally Atlantic mackerel. I highly, highly recommend trying this fish if you ever go to Japan!! You don't have to grate daikon yourself--you can buy a dressing called "Oroshi" (おろし). It's not as healthy, of course, but it tastes like crack cocaine. Not that I've ever had crack cocaine. But from what I hear, it's pretty addictive. Oroshi on saba is like that. But better.


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I'm Letting Go

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