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RV Water System Explained In Depth

The Adventure Travelers

The RV Water System is pretty easy to understand, once you know what goes where and why. This is an indepth overview.

Hooking Up RV Water or Filling the Tank is easy since your RV has all the comforts of home. Including running water! Of course, since this is a home on wheels, you need to either; fill the freshwater tank and take the water with you or hook up to a water supply when you get to a site with full or partial hookups.

In this video, we will show you how to install a water filter, where the charcoal filter is, what a pressure regulator does, where to fill the water tank and the difference between the water tank and the City Water Connection.

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My friend, Mike PQ, gave this info as a great addition (from the comments section) The extra hose before the pump is to suck RV antifreeze into your system through the pump, so your lines don't freeze in VT at 20° hahaha. The red and blue lines outside are your lowest hot and cold line points in the system, so you can crack those and wait for the water to pump through your sinks, toilets, showers, and outdoor showers. The antifreeze will flow out the lowest points. then close those valves. The hot water tank shutoff valves are to bypass the hot water tank, so you can drain it out for the winter. All water must be removed!!
Frozen pipes suck, but you wouldn’t have to know about that in So. Cal
P.S. Always bypass your water filter before pumping antifreeze into the system!

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