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RV Renovation | Demolition

Ryan and Su

We bought an RV. We bought a used 2001 Fleetwood Expedition Diesel pusher. It is in great shape. But we decided that we wanted to spend some time remodeling the interior. It's the perfect time for a project like this anyway since almost everything is closed at the moment anyway.

We started by doing some minor engine work. The alternator needed to be replaced. Once that was done, we started pulling out flooring. The carpet came out quickly. There was also linoleum that needed to be removed. Luckily for us, there wasn't very much that was glued down. It was mostly held down to the sub floor with staples.

The most difficult section was the area on the slide outs. It seems a lot of the flooring is attached when the slides are off the RV. There are sections tacked to the underside of the slide that need to be removed. Removing the slides wasn't an option for us. So we had to find a way to remove the carpet with the slide still attached to the chassis.

Next we had to patch all of the holes in the walls and sand everything smooth.

We spent 5 days removing flooring, flooring staples, patching the walls and sanding everything down. It's getting closer to the point that paint can go on.

Visit our website for more information about locations and for more photos.

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