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Russian Blue Lena wants attention

Lena & Matilda

Subscribe for weekly videos! Merry Christmas! Russian Blue Lena playing with Music. First Day with Russian Blue Kitten 'Nova'. Russian Blue Lena stalks me for treats. Russian Blue cat in a puddle. Russian blue kitten arrives at new home First day home adorably cute. 6 reasons Lena thinks you should get a Russian Blue. How I Trained My Cats. Russian Blue cat: main physical traits and personality based on Lena. Russian Blue Lena shows me the way. 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Russian Blue. 11 Reasons Russian Blue Cats are awesome compilation. Funny, cute, and smart Russian Blue cats! Russian blue cat Baby,litter ,,G,,,russisch blau Baby mit Mama Katze. My Russian Blue cat, Ivan. Cat Hacks To Save You Money. 20 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained!

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