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RUSSIAN BLUE CATS - The Truth About Them!

Facts about Cats

Hello, today I’m gonna answer the most asked questions about Russian Blue cats. So stay put, cause they’re a lot of them.
Is The Russian Blue The Right Breed For You? Watch This To Find Out!

My Cats Favorite TOY

This SAVED My Couch:

Disclaimer: This video is made for entertainment purposes only. It is not in any way medical/professional/breeder advice and should not be treated as so. Use the advice/information presented in this video at your own risk. Always look for medical advice from licensed veterinarians.

The questions about Russian Blue cats answered in the video:
0:00 Intro
0:10 Do Russian blue cats shed or do Russian blue cats shed a lot?
0:20 Do Russian blue cats like water?
0:30 Do Russian Blue Cats like baths?
0:39 Do Russian blue cats get along with other cats?
0:49 Do Russian blue cats get along with dogs?
1:02 Do Russian blue cats like to cuddle?
1:12 Do Russian blue cats meow a lot /are Russian blue cats vocal?
1:37 Do Russian blue cats like to go outside?
1:55 Do Russian blue cats scratch furniture?
2:11 Are Russian blue cats hypoallergenic?
2:29 Are Russian blue cats aggressive?
2:49 Are Russian blue cats big?
3:07 Are Russian blue cats lap cats?
3:21 Are Russian blue cats good cats?
3:32 Are Russian blue cats friendly?
3:52 Are Russian blue cats good hunters?
4:07 Are Russian blue cats indoor cats?
4:26 Are Russian blue cats easy to train?
4:53 Are Russian blue cats smart?
5:04 Are Russian blue cats blue?
5:47 Are Russian blue cats loving/ Are Russian blue cats affectionate?
6:02 Are Russian blue cats jealous?
6:22 Do Russian blue cats like to be held?
6:37 Are Russian blue cats rare?
7:03 Can Russian blue cats go outside?
7:22 Can Russian blue cats be left alone?
7:36 Do Russian blue cats have blue eyes?
7:44 Can Russian blue cats have yellow eyes?
8:04 Can Russian blue kittens have blue eyes?
8:36 Can Russian blue cats have white markings?
8:54 Can Russian blue cats have long hair?
9:04 Can Russian blue cats be white? Can Russian Blue cats be black?
9:18 Do Russian blue cats have stripes?
9:34 Are Russian blue cats expensive/how much do Russian blue cats cost?
9:50 Are Russian blue cats actually Russian?
10:10 Outro

My Cats Favorite TOY:'>

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