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Russian Blue Cat - Watch This Complete Guide Before Getting One


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The name will tell you that it’s a Russian breed with a blue coat. But, the breed’s trademark is the silver casting on its blue coat! It will make you awestruck with its round, large, emeraldgreen eyes that are wideset.

Wearing the natural smile, best suits any family who has a great love for it! An intelligent and wellbehaved feline, the Russian Blue cat is also a wonderful choice for people prone to allergies.
Russian blues will give you a charming expression with its triangularshaped head. Having a broad forehead, large ears, and straight nose, its look is splendid with a natural smile.

It shows brilliance in its emeraldgreen eyes. Despite being thin, it is a strong, muscular cat and its thick fur hides the neck and shoulders. Its legs are long enough to run at high speed and its paws are round with pinky lavender shade pads.

Russian Blue Cat Coat Colors
The Russian blue cat will appeal you with its dense, soft, silvery, double coat. The appearance of its coat reveals its ability to accustom to cold weather.

This cat stands out for its coat color. It may look gray, but the coat color is even, bright blue with silvertipped hairs which give a luxurious look.
Russian Blue Cat Size And Lifespan
The Russian blue cat generally weighs around 8 to 15 pounds and stands tall at 10 inches at the shoulder. This breed is healthy, generally. And, you can expect it to live for about 15 to 20 years.
Russian Blue Cat Personality:
The Russian Blue feline will be a special addition to your family because of many good qualities. It will be

An affectionate and reserved feline – This breed has the tendency to attach to one person in a family and feels shy toward strangers. But, it will interact with the guests to your home after it knows that they are an acceptable company for it.
Cautious breed – The Russian blues are cautious and their strong sense of observing the surrounding helps for its survival.
Childfriendly cat – The Russian Blue cat gets along well with children in your family.
Humorous feline – This cat has a good sense of humor and entertains you with its talent. But, make sure you laugh with it and not at it.
Social cat and selfentertainer– These cats are social and don’t mind when you are away. And, it is capable of entertaining itself during alone time.
Sweet, cute companion – The Russian Blue cat’s temperament is sweet. And, it is a gentle, cute, loving companion once it feels comfortable with you. It loves to follow you everywhere at home and sometimes will ride on your shoulder.
Russian Blue Cat Training Tips :
The Russian blues are sensitive. So, don’t shout or yell at it while providing training.
Be kind, patient and consistent in your training.
Don’t prolong the training sessions. Keep the sessions short.
This cat will get hurt if ignored. So, always provide attention to avoid fear and anxiety in them!
Be thoughtful and considerate to it!
Russian Blue Cat Shedding And Grooming:
The Russian blues are seasonal shedders. But, the amount of shedding is less in comparison with other cat breeds.

As it is a shorthaired cat, daily brushing its coat is not essential. But, weekly brushing will help its coat to be healthy.

And, it enjoys your company and will sit along with you while you comb or brush it. So, it is easy to maintain this breed.
Russian Blue Cat Price And Breeders:
This cat is not much expensive. It costs anywhere between $400 and $600 on an average. But, you can expect to pay shipping charges around $175 and $300 for transportation. High shipping charges may occur due to the far away breeders.

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