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Russian Blue Cat - | things to know about russian blue

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This is a really tidy, clean cat which may enjoy the outdoors, but is occasionally more at home in a quiet flat. They're very elegant and regal and some people can be unmoved by cuddling and unimpressed with baby talk. Russian blue cats will occasionally become one person cats", and attach themselves to one person with such devotion that even being fed by someone else is not acceptable. They might be jealous of couples, and perplexed by large families and changing situations. The Russian Blue kitty is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, the world's biggest cat organization. The coat is remarkably dense with a plush undercoat.

Shedding can be high with this incredible fur, and moderate housekeeper is required to control it. These are lean, mid-sized cats that have few strain related health problems. Since it's somewhat independent, the Russian Blue might be an excellent choice for busy singles. They do not require fussing over and are less inclined to be underfoot or over the shoulder than some other breeds. But they've also been domesticated for hundreds of years and so can surely adapt to a family situation and may do well with considerate kids, but there might be better selections for families with bustling and shifting dynamics. A classic and gorgeous cat for real cat lovers. - Russian Blue Facts - RUSSIAN BLUE KITTENS - Russian blue kittens are generally really active and athletic with high energy and curiosity.

russian blue cat - russian blue cat talking asks for food / ma chatte me demande a manger.

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