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To most people, breeding o hundred
Chornpions in o lifefirne would be an irnpossible
dream. The idea of ever Having bred o thousand
Champions in one breed in your own country
sounds like pure fantasy, yet this is the record fo
date of Sylvia Hammarstrom of the legendary
Skansen's Giant Schnauzer kennel.

A wellbred Giant Schnauzer closely resembles the Standard Schnauzer—only bigger. As their name suggests, Giants are imposing.

A male might stand as high as 27.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh 95 pounds. The muscular, substantial body is, as the breed’s fanciers put it, a “bold and valiant figure of a dog.” The double coat is either solid black or “pepper and salt.” Familiar characteristics of the Mini, Standard, and Giant are a harsh beard and eyebrows, accentuating a keen, sagacious expression.

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