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Rudy the Main Coon Cat doing tricks

Emily BH

This was filmed about 1990 by a friend on a VHS camera who had not yet become proficient with it. The cat performs "give paw" "give the other paw" "sit" "stay" lie down" "jump up" "speak" and "beg" in the video. It was this cat's first and only experience on video. Generally I made sure to do trainings before he'd eaten so he had an edge to his appetite. There are times in the video where after he performed the trick he should have been given a treat but was made to do two or three more tricks before he got anything. Don't do this with your cat. Part of the problem was that the treats were too large. As you can see, although Maine Coons are big cats, this one could have stood to lose some weight.

Hopefully viewers will see that cats ARE trainable. In fact this cute apparent Maine Coon was trained following methods in TRAINING YOUR CAT by Ray Berwick, animal trainer at Universal Studios. In most of his training sessions he was much more impressive than he is here.

by Emily BH