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RoMeow and Juliet 2


Prince Michael embarks on a heartfelt journey to express his feelings to his longtime friend, Jen.

Enable closed captions to follow Michael's commentary throughout his quest for love. Follow Prince Michael's personal adventures on Instagram:   / michaelismename  . Subscribe to our channel for more amusing and heartwarming content:    / aaronsanimals  .

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Credits: Our talented team includes Elaine Hayhurst, Aaron Benitez, Michelle Benitez, Debbie Sath, Celina Biurrun, John Powers, SCOTT TRAVIS, Guy Picot, BENNETT REEBER, Sidney Tapia, Julie Antti, Breanne Ziegler, Danny Hauger, Plumeria, Miso. Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew. Music:   / andrewgerlichermusic  . Sound: Kenji. VFX: Aaron Benitez, Narendra. Production: Michelle, Siggy. Directed by Aaron Benitez.

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