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Rocking my Burmese cat to sleep

Lena & Matilda BB

Bonus video today: Rocking Matilda to sleep. As always, no words to describe this beauty. Cats hug: Russian Blue sleeps, Burmese snores. Burmese Matilda traps Russian Blue Lena. Introducing Rocky (Burmese cats are FAST !!!). Lena helps me read a book, Matilda has an opinion. Burmese cat Matilda fetching a hairband. I Adopted Rich People’s Habits, See How My Life Changed. Lena and Matilda try catnip. Rescue Beaver Loves Building Dams In His House - JUSTIN BEAVER | The Dodo. Lena the Russian blue feeling guilty. HOW TO UNDERSTAND YOUR CAT BETTER. Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? - 5 Reasons You’ll Love to Know. Russian Blue + Burmese Cats. NINJA CATS vs DOGS - Who Wins? Siamese Kitten LOUDEST Purring. Lena is the sweetest thing.

posted by axay6o