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Rocking my Burmese cat to sleep

Lena & Matilda

Bonus video today: Rocking Matilda to sleep. As always, no words to describe this beauty. Breed All About It: Siamese Cats. Baby deer rescue and release. Tornado Siren?! Cat Reacts to Emergency Warning Alert System! Cute & Funny! Cat Blep! Burmese Cats Chase Bird Shadows! Cute & Funny! Burmese cats still sleeping with Erin, 6 1/2 years later. Burmese cat walking and talking. 13 Rarest Cat Breeds Ever. Talking burmese cat. Burmese - The most relaxed cat breed. Siamese cat TALKS for the camera. Matilda the Burmese cat loves music. Russian Blue and Burmese cats chill on cat tower. Burmese cat meowing. Abyssinian Cats. My friend's Burmese kittens purring in HD.

posted by axay6o