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REY ENIGMA challenges RISTO MEJIDE to a GAME OF CHESS | Auditions 7 | Spain's Got Talent 7 (2021)

Spains Got Talent

The seventh season of «Spain’s Got Talent» will surprise you with hundreds of exciting and fun performances that will be judged by a fun and demanding jury. Risto Mejide, the singer Edurne and the humorist Dani Martínez repeat on the program to assess all the numbers and decide who should or shouldn’t go to the next stage of the selection of the Telecinco talent show, which returns stronger than ever.

There are many participants who will fight to fulfill their dream on the stage of the show after a confinement that has changed everything and which it as shown that there is still a lot of talent to discover. Many of those stories are important in these performances that it is impossible not to get excited about.

Singer with songs that you will love, spectacular group dance numbers that will impress you, surprising magic tricks that are impossible to discover, comedians with whom you will not stop laughing, children with unimaginable talents or athletes who turn their discipline into a talent. They are part of this edition of the talent show and everyone will fight to win the Golden Buzzer of the jury and Santi Millán. But getting it will not be easy.

Get ready to get excited, to laugh like never before and to vibrate with these numbers. Get ready to accompany our participant on what will be the most special trip of their lives. You join?

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