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Retro Time Capsule Home Forgotten Deep In the Woods! Abandoned for 19 Years! (FHO EP.81)


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Sitting in the middle of a forest up a long driveway lies this abandoned retro time capsule home! Three abandoned cars sit forgotten in the driveway, covered in dirt, mold, and pine needles. Although I'm unsure of what happened here, upon entering the home, the family that once lived here seems to have gotten up one day to never return. Based on old bills, letters, and calendars, this home has been abandoned for at least 19 years with decay and vandalism only starting in the last few years! This home gives off the feeling that someone will return at any moment but it's clear that nobody has lived here in a very long time. Many retro and vintage items remain in the home but many of these items have been stolen over the years. Only time will tell what happens to this mystery of a home and the people that once lived here.


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DISCLAIMER: If you are the owner/ surviving family of this home and this video causes you any grief, upset, anger or anything else, please contact me and id be more than happy to remove the video/photos of this home from my channels. We purely explore abandoned homes to see what is left behind. Nothing is ever taken and no information is given on the home's whereabouts. It's my number one goal to respect the homes and families of these forgotten homes.

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