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Rescuing six FeLV+ kittens

Flatbush Cats

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This crew had a rough start to life. After losing both of their moms unexpectedly, several weeks later we learned that all six kittens were born with FeLV, or Feline Leukemia Virus. Our understanding of feline viruses like FeLV has changed significantly over the last few years. It affects different cats in different ways. FeLV+ cats can live happy healthy lives for much longer than is commonly understood. Recent studies indicate the median lifespan for a healthy FeLV+ cat can be six years.

Wren and Piper have been adopted, but Lark, Robin, and Dove are still looking for their forever home! They deserve a life filled with love, playtime and comfort. And of course, tomorrow is never guaranteed for any of us.

To learn more about adopting Lark, Robin, Dove, or any FeLV+ cat, please visit:'>

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