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[Rescued Kitten] It's cute to see the healthy kitten eating hard. No.62


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No.1Protecting baby cats in the middle of winter when they are not supposed to give birth
    • 【赤ちゃん猫 真冬に保護】ありえない季節外れの出産‥、匹の子猫を緊急保...  
No.7Proof of 8 days of living to the fullest. Thank you, Hijikikun
    • 【追悼】子猫が、虹の橋を渡りました‥。救えなくてごめんね。。冬7  
No.8I will never let you die! Looking back at snow protection days 46
    • 【絶対に死なせない】真冬に保護した子猫が消えてしまいそう‥ガリガリ体重との...  
No,11A dying kitten, believing in its life force...
    • 瀕死の子猫、生命力を信じて‥。真冬に保護した子猫はガリガリでミルクが飲めま...  

【About this video】
A story of baby cats rescued in the middle of winter when kittens were not supposed to be born
The kittens we rescued were only 10 days old when they were bornThis is a record of the growth of baby kittens as their small lives grow into larger ones✨This time, we will once again show you how Snow is desperately trying to survive.

【Table of contents ⏰】
0:00 Nekosen Channel
0:25 Kittens rescued in the middle of winter⛄Summary of this time
0:40 Let’s get started on Mogumogu Sunotan
1:05 Wandering Heine also joins us
2:10 Heinetan leaves
4:10 Sunotan has almost finished eating and even picks up the things he dropped
7:28 Report on relief supplies & thank you
8:16 Refills are also delicious

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【Nekosen: Koneko Nursery School】
I am personally involved in rescue cat activities in the tropical island of KagoshimaI am introducing the process of ``connecting rescued kittens to foster parents'' in a bright and fun way, with the kittens' lines This distribution is an opportunity for me to , I would be happy if you could understand and be interested in rescue cats

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