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Rescue poor kittens who lost all hopes to see their mama again

Paw Care

During our routine street feeding, we came across a deceased cat. The next day, we heard the cries of kittens and began searching, suspecting they might belong to the deceased cat. Our diligent efforts led us to discover several adorable kittens hidden in various spots. We encountered a new cat that did not show any interest in the kittens, making us question its relation to them.

We tried to catch the cat but were unsuccessful. In our attempt to gather information, we discovered a familiar black and white cat, whom we had previously fed, had a litter of kittens. However, we were informed by a guard that he was taking care of the cat and her kittens, so we left them there. We then noticed a limping cat, assuming it might be the mother of the kittens, but it showed no interest in them, leading us to believe otherwise. We couldn't capture the limping cat.

Despite our thorough search and inquiries, we were unable to find any leads on the whereabouts of the mother cat. We left our contact information with the locals, urging them to reach out if they encountered any cats or kittens in need.

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