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Rescue a newborn kitten. Full version / SANI vlog


Here is the longawaited full version about saving a newborn kitten. Enjoy watching!
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How to grow and feed a newborn kitten on your own without a cat, if you found or picked up on the street.
1. Feeding. Do not give the kitten cow's milk and any other products! Buy cat milk replacer at the pet store. You can also buy a special bottle or feeding syringes. Prepare the mixture and its volume according to the instructions. You need to feed every 2 hours, also at night. It will not be easy, but it is worth it. Be sure to sterilize the feeding devices in hot water and let them cool. After two weeks, breaks between meals can take 34 hours, and at night 6 hours.
2. Hygiene. IMPORTANT! In the first few weeks, the kitten can not handle the need alone. The cat helps him with his tongue, so you have to do it for her. Take a cotton pad, soak in warm water and wipe the kitten's tummy and ass in one direction (not back and forth). After some time, the kitten will begin to urinate or defecate. Continue driving until the kitten is in need.
Then take another cotton pad, lightly dampen it in warm water and wipe the entire kitten. Then wrap it in something warm, so that it does not freeze.
3. Cot. It may be a box or bag, like ours. Do not place the bed with the baby high (on a stool or table) so that it does not fall. Put some fabric inside. Find something woolen and also lay in the crib (woolen scarf, sweater). Take a heating pad or a bottle, dial it warm !! DO NOT HOT !! water to replace the heat of the cat, and put it under a rag. Water should be changed after each feeding. Keep the water hot!
If you notice something wrong, immediately bring it to the vet! Ideally, once a week to carry a kitten to the vet for a checkup.
These are the 3 most important rules that you must follow. Unfortunately, there is not much to write here, so look on the Internet for a more detailed description, if necessary. But it is better to find out all the answers to all questions only from an experienced veterinarian.

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