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Saving the newborn. Big series / SANI vlog


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Rescue a newborn kitten:
Part 1:
Part 2:

This is a great holiday edition in honor of our kitten's birthday.
Today, June 16, exactly one year from the day when we found an abandoned newborn kitten on the street under the balcony, which we took with us, raised and named Sonya. In this issue we will show the entire stage of maturation of a kitten from the very first day to the first year. And at the end of the video, we will arrange Sonia a small celebration and a surprise. Hope she likes :)
In this issue you are waiting for: a blind homeless newborn kitten; feeding a newborn kitten with cat milk milk; animal assistance; a festive table with snacks in honor of the birthday of a cat; jokes with animals; funny cats and cats and of course meowing in large quantities :)
Participation: dog named Boss and cat Dunya.
The video consists of more than 80% of materials that were not included in any issue.

On our channel you can find many other videos, including with the participation of Sony :)
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