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Remove Oxidation and Restore Faded RV Fiberglass Meguiars One Step

Weekend RV Adventures

The Sun has taken a toll on my Cougar’s fiberglass finish. The once glossy mirror finish turned to an ugly dull chalky white. The white chalky appearance is a result of oxidation of the gel coat. Luckily, there is a way to restore the glossy finish.
It took me a couple weeks of trying different methods, but I finally found a way to restore the finish. The process I used on my camper would work just as well on a fiberglass boat too.

Products I used:
Meguiar's Marine/RV OneStep
7” buffer
Medium 100% Wool Pad and Backing
Mother’s Back to Black
***I used this Harbor Freight Polisher but the one on amazon I linked to above looks to be very similar if you don’t have a Harbor Freight nearby.***

Work in 1 small area at a time about 3’ x 3’
Apply compound to wool pad
Dab on fiberglass
Spread with buffer before turning on
Start on low speed and evenly spread compound over area
Increase speed to 75% and buff until compound is almost all gone
Lightly buff with cotton towel to remove remaining compound
Don’t hold buffer in 1 place to long to avoid damaging finish
Stay off decals as much as possible
Make sure to stay off weight and tire info decals, they fade out very quickly
Shine rubber trim pieces back up with Mother’s Back to Black

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