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Redback Spider Roundup Funnel Web Spider Found February 2023 Horror Show EDUCATIONAL VIDEO


On the last day of Summer I do a Redback Spider roundup looking at all the spider lures in the garden. It's incredible what I find! This is the third wet Summer we have had in a row and something is messing around with the spiders. I also find a Sydney Funnel Web Spider. This is the most deadly spider in the world and it's the first Funnel Web I have found at my home. It's a Male Funnel Web and maybe with all the humidity and bad weather it's wandered into the suburb looking for a mate. I can't find any Funnel Web nests at my home so I travel 15km to a park in Sydney where I played as a teenager. I remember this park was a honey pot for Funnel Web Spider and 45 years on the Funnel Webs are still there. It lets me show you the Funnel Web nests, their size and how they are disguised with leaved woven into the entrance of the Funnel Webs lair. Using my iPhone I get some pictures that show a Funnel Web in it's nest. The park I remember as a kid looks so different now, so many new established trees and the old trees look really old now. We have a new backyard friend now ripping up the lawns and garden and it's called a Bandicoot. These weird Australian nocturnal animals seem to eat anything. And what's amazing is they will dig up and eat Funnel Web Spiders. I can't help but think there is a connection between the Funnel Web Spider and Bandicoot who may have given the Funnel Web Spider a very hard time. I do find a Redback Spider and deal with some Stink Bugs. It's incredible what a little bit of flamethrower does when tidying up pests in the backyard.

Teddy & Bubble (Little Cats Kittens) help along the way, at this stage they are 10.5 months old.

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posted by aukniir