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Recovery For Transplant Recipients | Transplant Sport | Post Transplant Medications

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Be sure to check out Transplant Sport's website for more information on the benefits of organ donation and recovery for transplant recipients and how you can help out: https://transplantsport.org.uk/

Recovery For Transplant Recipients | Transplant Sport | Post Transplant Medications


After a liver, kidney or pancreas transplant, you will be taking medications to prevent rejection of your new organ and to fight infection. Preventing organ rejection and fighting infection is a delicate balance that requires close attention and care for the rest of your life. Rejection occurs when the body’s immune system recognizes the new organ as an invading threat.

Immunosuppressants are drugs that block the immune system from attacking the new organ; however, these medications also block the immune system from fighting real threats like viruses, bacteria and fungi. You will be prescribed medications to help prevent infection after transplant, but generally these will only need to be taken for 36 months until your immune system is strong enough to defend itself against infection.

After your transplant, you will be given clear instructions on when and how to take your medicines. This information will be reviewed with you while you are in the hospital and each time you come to the clinic until you are comfortable with how and when to take you medication. The dosage of the medications you are taking will be customized for you and will likely decrease or stop over time (as determined by your doctor).

Transplant Sport are the largest national charity promoting active recovery for transplant recipients and increasing awareness of the benefits of organ donation. They actively promote the importance of more people telling their family and friends they wish to donate.

Transplant Sport was founded in 1978 by Maurice Slapak CBE, Consultant Surgeon, who brought together his patients and other transplant recipients to hold the first Transplant Games in Portsmouth. Since then, Transplant Sport has grown to become the largest national charity promoting activity post transplant and the organ donor register.

They host the British Transplant Games every year and participants of all ages and ability enjoy taking part in over 20 different events. All have received a life saving transplant and celebrate their gift of life together. Some of their very sporty members also compete at the World Transplant Games for Team GB & NI. We want to encourage all transplant recipients to get active and be healthy whilst promoting organ donation so they organise other activities (volleyball, racquets, golf etc) throughout the year. Taking part, regardless of ability, is what they’re about.

Transplant Sport are an amazing charity which help explain the benefits of organ donation and provide tones of information on the recovery for transplant recipients. The most common problem for transplant recipients is the after organ transplant medication and why these post transplant medications are so important. Transplant Sport even have the answers to how long can you go without anti rejection drugs, so please check them out!

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