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Top Ten Rarest Crossbreeds in The World

If you saw an alien across the road, you would probably grab your phone to take pictures and immediately share it online. You’ll then share it with your friends and family knowing it will interest them too. That’s just how we are. We love things that are out of the ordinary! Because life is so boring we are always on the lookout for the strangest and most peculiar things on earth.

We are quite aware of this at Viral Now, so we have searched for things no one would ever imagine existed. Our first stop is within the animal kingdom. Listed below is a bunch of bizarre hybrid creatures. These animals are the rarest breeds you could ever encounter in the wild.

Majority of these rare breeds have been bred by humans and don’t occur naturally. Resulting in great criticism and controversy. For some of the successful crossbred animals, their offspring mostly end up infertile, meaning the continuation of the man-made breed solely depends on human intervention. This is what we get when man decides to play god. Here are ten of the rarest crossbreeds in the world.

10) Zebroid
A zebroid is an offspring of a zebra and any other equine. In other words, this crossbreed is referred to as a zebra hybrid. There are several types of zebroids in the world. The different hybrid names are created from the sire’s name and the dam’s name. Some of the most popular include; zorse, ( a crossbreed of a zebra and a horse), zonkey (a crossbreed of a zebra and a donkey), zony (a crossbreed of a zebra and a Sheffield pony) and zebrule ( a crossbreed of a zebra and a mule).

9) Liger
When a male lion and a tiger breed, what do you get? A liger. Sounds weird right? The offspring even looks weirder. We bet if you came across this picture on your own you’d probably ignore it thinking it’s a product of photoshop.

This giant cat happens to be the world’s largest feline. One of the successful crossbreeds is Hercules, a 410-pound feline who stands over ten feet tall. He currently lives in Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina and is a great tourist attraction. Who wouldn’t want to see this beast in person? Well as long as he is behind cages and not hungry.

He eats around 20 pounds of meat in a day and is capable of devouring more than 100lbs in a single meal. That’s almost a fully grown man for lunch! Yikes! This dominant cat can run 50mph that’s close to a cheetah who runs 61mph.

Apparently, Hercules was an accident. He was not artificially made in a lab but was a result of two large cats living within the same quarters. So, in short, a lion and a tiger fell in love and created Hercules.
8) Wholphin or Wolphin
The name sounds like a boring movie or a term someone randomly came up with. Well, it refers to a crossbreed between a bottlenose dolphin and a male false killer whale. Both animals are within the oceanic dolphin family under the toothed whale suborder. Although this offspring has been reported to naturally exist for years, only two have been caught in the past decade. The two are currently being held at the Sea Life Park in Hawaii. The breed isn’t so rare and fishermen refer to them as, ‘The Great Gray Beast.
One of the wolphins Kekamalu proved to be fertile when she gave birth while still very young. Unfortunately, her calf died shortly after. She gave birth once more to a female, Pohaikealoho, who she cared for two years. Pohaikealoha lived for nine good years.
7) Grizzly Polar Bear
Also known as a grolar bear or pizzly bear, the grizzly-polar bear is a very rare hybrid that occurs both in the wild and in captivity. In the year 2006, a rare looking bear was spotted in Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories on Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic. After running some tests, it was discovered to be a mix-breed of two different bears. Other grizzly bears were shot in the past while in the wild, but no DNA techniques were available to verify the breed’s ancestry. So if you come across a weird white and brown furred bear, you’ll know what you're looking at.

6) Beefalo
From the name you can tell that a buffalo is involved. Well, the beefalo is a cross breed of the domestic cow, Bos Taurus and an American bison, referred to as buffalo. The breed was artificially created to combine the great characteristics of both parents with an aim at increasing beef production. The result is an animal that is primarily cattle in its genetics and overall appearance with only 37% genetics of the buffalo. It also looks like a regular cow on steroids.

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