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Rain on Metal Roof- with thunder for sleep and Relax- дождь для сна по крыше релакс и медитация

Rain Sound

Rain on Metal Roofthunder for sleeping and Relax дождь для сна по крыше, релакс и медитация
在屋顶上的雨声和, 冥想 放松平静学习的噪音

check this video for 5 hours of rain sound.

check this video fro 10 hours calm rain sound.

To YouTube review team

My channel is about nature sounds in different scenarios especially rain sounds. The aim of my channel is to help people relax and sleep. I record all the sounds myself and they are all different. Given that the channel's videos are for relaxation, I try to record different nature sounds and do not always add my voice so as not to distract people.

posted by bosquecolorin36