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Ragdoll Siamese Kitten and Mirror


This is Billie, our ragdoll siamese kitten attacking herself in the mirror. She's about 8 or 9 weeks old in this video. Siamese Kitten Shopping. Owning a Ragdoll Cat || Things to know. Boss Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017. Sneak attack on momma cat- ninja kitten playing funny cute video- siamese babies. Squeezable Siamese kittens, 6 weeks! Tigers reaction to the kittens. Introducing Teddy and Javier, snowshoe Siamese kittens. Farmer Discovers 4 Kittens In Barn But When They Grow He Realizes They're Not House Cats. Scared Siamese Kitten...SUPER CUTE!! Playing with my Siamese kitten. Bringing Home Our Ragdoll Kitten. 'Kittens Time Lapse' 50 days in 5 minutes!! Two Month Old Siamese Kittens at the Shelter! 6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You. Trying to relax with a chatty siamese cat!

by beatshack