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Ragdoll Cat Meowing Compilation

Bowie The Ragdoll Cat

Bowie the Ragdoll Cat meowing compilation.
Our Ragdoll cat is quite talkative, he meows a lot and often. Of course, he's not meowing all day. Bowie meows when he does something or when he wants something. I really start a conversation with my cat. If I want Bowie to come in, I'll ask him and he'll come meowing. This is a compilation of Bowie's meows in different situations.
Bowie meows if he wants attention or if we want to give attention to our Ragdoll cat. Frustrated meows because he can't get his ball. Which cat meows when he goes to his litter box and also when he gets off his litter box. Meowing, our kitty asks for food, but many cats do. My Raggie looks out the window and sees that it is raining and it has been raining all day, meowing loudly he can complain a lot about the bad weather because this Ragdoll cat wants to go outside. If I come home late, he will let you know with a very sweet meow that slowly turns into "how could you have gone" meow. One of the cutest and sweetest meows are the "good morning" meows, especially when Bowie has just woken up. Cooked fish is irresistible to our Ragdoll cat. When I am cooking it and he smells it, he meows very sweetly. Playing cats meows are funny, they look like they are really going crazy, the zoomie meows. Ragdoll cats hate it when you close the door behind you. Bowie follows me throughout the house and a closeddoor is incomprehensible to my Ragdoll cat. So what does Bowie do? The demanding meow, he meows loudly to open the door. And if I don't respond, he'll stay in the doorway. But I usually open the door for my good friend. And then the birds, most cats chat at birds and also Bowie.
Bowie is pretty talkative and I love it. We talk a lot and he understands more and more words and sentences.
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