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Ragdoll / Cat Breed


The initial developer of the Ragdoll was Ann Baker, a cat lover from Riverside, California. In the 60s of the XX century she was inspired by the idea of inventing a good-looking cat with an affectionate, placid character and she began her breeding experiments with Domestic Longhairs of uncertain origin. 🐈 RAGDOLL Cat Breed - Overview, Facts, Traits and Price. Sweet and Fluffy RAGDOLL CATS! - Ragdolls Cats Kittens are so CUTE and CUDDLY Compilation 2017. Ugo Chan Ragdoll Cat walking on leash. 7 Benefits of Being a Ragdoll Cat Owner. Ragdoll- The cat who thinks it's a dog. Ragdoll - Cat Breed Spotlight by Petco. Ragdoll Kitten Sweet Meows. Cat talking to her kitten (cute mama and baby!). Happy Talking Ragdoll Cat. Happy Days | Bowie The Ragdoll Cat & Bella The Lambkin Cat. Maine Coon vs Ragdoll - What Are the Differences? Timo the Ragdoll Cat Meets Fur Real Parrot. Dobot mating with Ragdoll breed cat. Animal Planet : Cats 101 ~ Ragdoll. So many cute kittens videos compilation 2018.

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