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Ragdoll Cat Breed | The Beautiful Variety of Ragdoll Cat

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Amidst many varieties of cat that you can find today is the so called Ragdoll breed. Have you ever heard of this type of cat before? It is a distinct variety of cat characterized by its blue eyes and also the so called colorpoint coat. Thus you may easily recognize Ragdoll cats among other types of cat just by looking at their eyes and their body. In terms of its body build, this type of cat is a bit large and muscular while it also has semi-longhair which the coat is silky and soft. You will find it enjoyable to pet this cat.
Colors and Patterns of Ragdoll
Aside of having nice coat of fur to touch, this type of Ragdoll is also great looking due to its various colors and patterns. Surely if you are a cat lover you will find it advantageous to be able to choose one of its many colors and patterns. The original colors of this cat are including seal, red, chocolate, lilac, cream, and blue. An interesting fact is that there is also the so called tortoiseshell pattern in combination of all of those colors at once.
Are you starting to get interested to this cat? Moreover there are four available patterns of Ragdoll which are all going make it even more beautiful. Those patterns are including pointed, mitted, high mitted bicolor, and also bicolor. There is also one unique variation of those mentioned above with tabby markings known as lynx.
The so called Ragdoll was developed by Ann Baker who is an American cat breeder. The name of this type of cat itself was derived from a tendency of the individuals out of the original version of breeding stock to go both relaxed and limp when picked up. It is also popularly known to be a variety of cat that is dog-like or puppy-like. The fact that this Ragdoll cat type loves to follow people is one of the reasons of it is called as puppy-like or dog-like. It is also easily being handled and having low aggression in respect to other pets.
One more thing regarding this type of cat is that it often called as a highly friendly type of pet. Well, as a matter of fact it has floppy, docile, and calm nature in it as the result of its Birman and also Persian breeds. Having those variations of colors and patterns along with so friendly characteristic, Ragdoll is definitely a great option of cat to adopt if you want to have one today.

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