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Ragdoll Cat Breed - Ragdoll is named after its personality trait


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Ragdoll Personality and Temperament

This cat has one of the best manners (and softest voices) in the cat kingdom. It is polite, docile and sweet-tempered, and not the type to pester you for attention. Most importantly, it is an affectionate cat that will get along well with children or other pets, making it an excellent companion for the whole family. Ragdolls are also relaxed and quiet, and can be very tolerant of being carried around. Read about other easy-going cat breeds.

About the Ragdoll Cat Breed
The Ragdoll is named after its personality trait. When being picked up, it goes limp in your arms. The breed is a lovable cat that is great with children and makes the perfect addition to any family.

Ragdoll Physical Characteristics
Large and heavy, the Ragdoll embodies the essence of quiet power. This semi-long haired domestic breed loves people, and can weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. Read more about other big cat breeds.


The breed comes in the four traditional pointed colors: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac; and three divisions: solid or colorpoint, particolor mitted, and particolor bicolor. A mitted Ragdoll has white-gloved paws, while a bicolor Ragdoll has its face covered by a white mask in the shape of an inverted “V.” The bicolor also has its legs, chest, stomach and ruff – a collar of fur around the neck – all covered in white.

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