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Ragdoll Cat and Ragdoll Kitten Facts - Ragdoll Personality

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The Ragdoll cat has emerged in North
America as mixed cat breeding has become
more popular. The ragdoll cat is usually
part Burmese, Birman, Javanese, Siamese
and Persian cat or any of these combinations.
The Ragdoll cat is known to be one of
the larger species of domestic cat and
commonly have a slightly larger tummy
than other cats, along with a rounded body and short limbs.
The Ragdoll cat is normally white in
colour with the distinctive Siamese cat
style brown markings. The ragdoll cat
often inherits the long hair and blue
eyes from the Persian and Birman cats
but this is not always the case.
The Ragdoll cat is most well known for
its calm and affectionate temperament,
and its generally easy-going nature.
The Ragdoll cat is a relaxed and gentle
feline that is also well known for its intelligence.
The Ragdoll cat is named so because of
the way in which the Ragdoll breed is
often found to be easy to handle, even
said to turn floppy when picked up.
Ragdoll cats are known to be much more
chilled-out and friendly compared to other domestic breeds.
Ragdolls are among the younger siblings.
The cats were first developed by breeder
Ann Baker in Riverside, California,
in the 1960s. Baker’s foundation stock
consisted of Josephine, a domestic longhair
whose white coat concealed the genes for
either a seal mitted or black tuxedo pattern,
and various other longhaired cats of unknown
ancestry that she owned or found in her
neighborhood. Baker selected for cats
with gentle, placid personalities, large size,
and beautiful long coats characterized by
a Himalayan pattern, the name for the
“points” seen on Siamese-type cats.
The result was a cat she called the Ragdoll,
for its propensity to flop happily into
the arms of anyone who picked it up. Later,
Persians, Birmans and Burmese may also have
contributed to the Ragdoll’s development.
Baker made many unusual claims about the cats’
development, including alien influence,
CIA experiments, and infusions of human genes,
but that is all they are: claims, with no
basis in fact. Other people had begun
breeding Ragdolls as well. They broke
away from Baker and formed the Ragdoll
Fanciers Club International, with the
goal of standardizing the breed and
achieving recognition by cat registries.
The Cat Fanciers Association began
registering the cats in 1993 and gave
them full recognition in 2000. Most
registries now recognize the breed,
including the American Cat Fanciers
Association and The International
Cat Association. Ragdolls are not
outcrossed to any other breeds.
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