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Q14 - End-of-Rally Coach Departures with Musical Horns - Wanderlodge rally in Quartzsite Arizona


This video from 2020’s Q14’s BirdsofaFeather Bluebird Wanderlodge rally in the desert captures as many departures as possible. However with the post rally Mexico trip leaving on Monday, many coaches were missed. If you were here but don’t see your coach pulling out come back next year and we’ll try again!

Every Wanderlodge except the very early models came equipped with a musical horn that is completely separate from the coach air horns. In most cases musical horn volume is not adjustable. When Bluebird Wanderlodges depart, it’s a tradition that owners play their favorite musical horn song as their coach pulls out of the circle, gathering area or campground.

See some drone footage of the rally “wagon wheel” at:

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